Richa Mugello Leather Motorcycle Trousers

The Richa Mugello Leather Motorbike Pants are packed with features... Specifications include: High-range cow leather, combined with reinforced stretch aramid zones Polymesh lining assures a maximum comfort D3O® Technology - D3O manufactures a unique patented technology used to produce a premium shock absorbing material using enhanced chemistry and product engineering. The result is a low profile, flexible, comfortable and lightweight armour without compromising on protection against impact. D3O's high performing protective material is used in a wide range of markets including motorcycle, sport, electronics, footwear and PPE D3O knee protectors in accordance with the CE norm prEN1621-1:2011 (Level 1) 2 outside pockets Ergonomic sportive fitting Retro Reflex technology zones for extra visibility Waist adjustment possibility through velcro straps Long & short connection zipper Available in 3 leg lengths, as well as in female sizes

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