THH TX-24 #2 Motocross Helmet

The THH TX24 #2 MX Helmet is packed with features... Specifications Include Advanced Aerodynamic Polycarbonate Shell Construction - Stylishly designed, the polycarbonate shell of the TX-24 helmet helps keep you safe on your journey Micro-metric Retention System - The quick-release micrometric buckle allows for small adjustments to be made to the tightness of the strap, keeping your helmet secure without compromising comfort Fully Removable Moisture Wicking Liner ? Quick and easy to remove the lining can be hand washed to keep your helmet fresh Goggle Anti-slide Plates - Helps to keep your goggles secure and stop them from moving ECER 22 - 05 Approved - The helmet meets the European regulations for safety, making it fully road legal in both the UK and Europe Dynamic Ventilation Design ? Designed to allow a better airflow through and around the helmet to maximise cooling Multipoint Ventilation ? Front intakes and rear exhaust vents along with two adjustable top vents allow a constant flow of air through the helmet to keep you cool Height adjustable peak

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