Scorpion Serket Stainless Oval Exhaust Triumph Tiger 1050 13-Current

Scorpion Red Power Exhaust are packed with features... Specifications include Guarantee. All Scorpion road bike products are guaranteed for life. Off Road and Scooter products are covered by our 1 year manufacturers guarantee. Crash Damage/Impact Guarantee. We offer a 50% discount on any crashed damaged product, you must be the original purchaser and your claim must be on a like for like basis, one claim per person. Please note this crash damage guarantee does not apply to Off Road product. Fuelling. All Scorpion products are Dyno developed which means that no fuelling modifications are necessary when fitting our products. Sound/EC Approval. All Scorpion road products conform to EC approval noise levels when the db killer is fitted, off road products conform to FIM 94db. dB Killer. For race track sound. Fittings/Instructions. All scorpion products are supplied with everything needed to fit and ride, along with parts drawings and picture Instruction where necessary. Cleaning/Caring for your product. Wash with warm soapy water, allow to dry/wipe with a soft clean cloth. Never use abrasive or solvent based products.

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